Q&A with Tony Le, Co-Founder of TeacherGraph

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TeacherGraph's founding team: Joseph Van, Founder/CEO and Tony Le, Co-Founder

TeacherGraph’s founding team: Joseph Van, Founder/CEO and Tony Le, Co-Founder

This week’s Q&A is with Tony Le, co-founder of TeacherGraph, a web-based app simplifying the communication process between parents and teachers.

ETT: What’s your elevator pitch?

TL: TeacherGraph is a cloud-based web app that simplifies parent/teacher communication by organizing important information and interactions into one, easy-to-use tool.

By consolidating all important messages, student information, and teacher interactions through TeacherGraph, parents can keep track of their child’s progress more effectively. Providing the ease of access to these key insights allow parents and teachers to have more productive conversations. Parents can stay connected anywhere by receiving real-time updates about their student through email, text, or the application itself. Additionally, parents can stay engaged by responding back to the teachers, promoting two-way conversations.

We focus on the delivery so educators can spend more time teaching, and less time sorting through technology. Teachers can send class-wide messages to parents using TeacherGraph from anywhere. By making communicating easier, our mission is to increase parent engagement, which can improve student performance significantly.

TeacherGraph provides a modern solution to an outdated process. Communication is tied back to the student.

ETT: What is your company’s core value proposition? What problem are you solving?

TL: The communication gap between parents and teachers today is not contributed by the lack of technology. The technology exists. However, modern society offers a wide range of mediums for communication. One solution to solving this problem is to organize technology versus pushing individuals to adapt new ones. Instead of teachers having to deliver messages through various ways to parents, we believe they can communicate in a clear, succinct way.

TeacherGraph allows teachers to deliver messages all in one place and determines which medium is best each parent to receive the message.

ETT: Why did you get into this? What drove you to start this?

TL: There are many issues that need to be solved in the education system. We have family and friends who are educators – many of whom complain about tedious tasks and outdated ways of communicating important information.

We believed in the power of effective communication and focused solely on that. Although schools operate like businesses, many don’t see themselves that way. Great companies have effective communication tools – we want to build the equivalent specifically for education.

ETT: What do you think are the biggest obstacles in adopting technology in the education space?

TL: For many schools, things move slowly. Whether it’s due to stagnant culture, a long decision process, or budget cuts, there seems to be many little reasons that lead to the lack of adoption of technology that could really help these schools.

ETT: What is the biggest need for your startup? (e.g. funding, development, market access, channels, publicity)

TL: Currently, development. Market access may be down the road.

ETT: What should we expect to see from you in the next twelve months? (e.g. product milestones, team size, potential growth/revenue targets)

TL: We plan to launch early in the Fall. Teachers will be able to use our Beta.

ETT: Which three startups do you follow and find interesting?

TL: Enigma.io, LearnSprout, inBloom

The EdTech Times thanks Mr. Le  for taking the time and providing us with a snapshot of TeacherGraph!  

Special thanks to Sean Duffy of the EdTech Austin Meetup Group for connecting ETT to TeacherGraph and the Austin EdTech community!

To check out TeacherGraph, visit their website:


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