EdTechKnowFiles: Interview with Reading Plus CEO, Mark Taylor

This article is cross-posted from edtechtimes.com, where I currently serve as editor-in-chief.

EdTechKnowFilesWe’re really excited to introduce our new feature, EdTechKnowFiles, a series of video interviews with people who are passionate about educational technology today.

Our first interview is with Mark Taylor, CEO of Reading Plus, a company that is building a research-based “intelligent e-reader” to assist students struggling with reading efficiency.

In Part I, Mark talks about the Reading Plus product in-depth. We also get a glimpse of the product at work, modeling efficient reading for students.

In Part II, Mark talks about the importance of efficacy in ed tech, and specifically how the Reading Plus product’s research-backed techniques address efficacy concerns in the industry.

Part III gives us a closer look at Mark himself, and his family’s legacy in education and reading, which dates back to 1931.

Thank you to Mark Taylor for the interview and to John Kissell for helping to arrange the details.

Check out Reading Plus site here:


Interview conducted by Griff Resch, Video by Ryan Lee, Opening Music by Michael Boezi, Control Mouse Music.

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