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mini cards from – mine all mine

My “business cards” have come in!   Thanks to the flexibility of the design tools and the clarity of the proofs and layout at, I was able to incorporate a bunch of my favorite images that will hopefully cover any situation where I find myself needing a card.  (I am really excited about moo right now.  Not to mention that I like the word “moo” in general.)

A bit about each image (L to R, top to bottom).  All images are taken by me, except where noted:

  • A portion of a knit lace shawl that I made for donation to a silent auction – I love the vibrant color (Malabrigo Lace weight in Cactus Flower) and pattern (Mystery Stole 3- Swan Lake)
  • A summerweight quilt I made.  Pattern: Paintbox Quilts from Oh, Fransson.
  • A picture of Copley Square in March, just before it begins to come alive with summer warmth.
  • A knit cuff bracelet that I made for a co-worker, without any particular pattern.
  • My first attempt at a picturesque ramen bowl.
  • A piece of a photo from our wedding pics taken by Enna Grazier (with the two of us artfully cut out) taken at the MIT sailing pavilion with their colorful set of team racing FJs.  (Also, #13 is my number.  It was my major at MIT, and has come up in a surprising number of lucky situations.)
  • My Moo (Muppy, Riley-cat) “helping” me finish my Simple Knitted Bodice sweater.
  • The “back” of my card – the picture from the “front” of my site – a photograph of my porch in the middle of my picture frame to planter project (which currently has to be rebuilt for sturdiness.  Damn you Pinterest.)
  • A photo of a vinyl wall installation that I did in my office space – this represents the old EdTech Market Map by New Schools Venture Fund.  Not shockingly, since the edtech space is changing so quickly, it’s now a bit out of date.
  • A photo that Ben took of an interesting tree in Taipei.  I was standing next to him.  Maybe that counts as taking the picture.
  • A picture of a drawing of a still life in an art class I took at the BCAE this summer.  I am apparently better at drawing folds in paper than I am at drawing still shapes.  Also, people see this pic and say, “you’re talented!”  The truth I learned from the class this summer is that with about 2+ hours for a drawing and an artist next to you helping you correct where you’re not seeing things correctly, almost ANYONE can learn to draw a few things.  Drawing is all just interpreting perception.  (whoa, deep thoughts tangent.)
  • The empty stage at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium right before a MITSPO rehearsal.  I’ve played with MITSPO for about 12 years now.

Can’t wait until I have a chance to get one of these in your hands.  That being said, if you’re already here on the site…you might not need one of these.  Ah, the contradictions in the art of networking.

(Re: title…what typo, you’re asking??  Oh, just this one.  NBD.  AAAHHH!!  Freak out and kill!)

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