The story of my life is under construction


In Taipei, they wear regular hats at the construction sites, but these signs are for real. Photo courtesy Omer Simkha, Wikimedia Commons.

I knew that finding a theme and a background image would be the hardest part of getting myself set up over here in blogland, but there is SO MUCH MORE TO DO.  Of course, this means that I will do the type-A thing and make lists.  (In reality, I’m more a type-B+)

Things that have happened:

  • Theme & background image – the picture is from my succulent “garden” from a picture frame.  The frame was great…the succulents needed Ben’s love/inattention to make them grow.
  • A name for my blog, thanks to Business Dog.
  • Placeholders for all the info pages about me.  I wish I could randomize them in some way, but maybe when this proof-of-concept stage is over, I will feel OK about investing in tools that will let me do that.
  • Porting of old posts from Tumblr.

Still to-do:

  • Filling more of the placeholders with cool info pages
  • A more blog-like blog instead of 3 articles and a lot of lists and weird things.
  • Fixing the images that ported over from Tumblr.
  • Decide whether old LiveJournal baggage comes with me or gets archived in my past.
  • Importing my ETT articles as cross-posts tagged ETT. EDIT: Done! Much easier than thought. Now to generate more blog content than ETT content.

The more that things change, the more they are the same.  Wise words from Rush.  (And Bon Jovi.  And Cinderella.  And other people that Google now tells me about.  Bless you, Google.)