EdReach, Stitcher Radio, Form Partnership to Take Education Forward

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EdREach-logo-Home-pagePopular education podcast provider, EdReach has announced a partnership with Stitcher Radio, a leader in Internet radio.  EdReach CEO Daniel Rezac announced today that a partnership with Stitcher helps EdReach broaden their audience with content distribution, accessibility, and increased exposure, establishing EdReach.us as a go-to broadcast network for education content.

EdReach’s podcasts are now available as a Stitcher channel, and followers can access the podcasts by downloading the Stitcher App, or through Stitcher’s website.  Currently, approximately 40,000 active teachers download EdReach podcasts each month, often listening and learning while on their morning or afternoon commute by listening to EdReach shows.

On EdReach, Rezac cites Stitcher’s presence as an innovator, its user-friendly flexibility between devices, and its richness of listener data as boons for their partnership.  He also offers the following endorsements from partners and users:

Rachel Eaton, Stitcher’s Director of Content Partnerships says:

“We are proud to be working with EdReach. We believe in their mission of Taking Education Forward and are happy to provide a platform that will help them reach their audience to expand that mission.”

Wesley Fryer, Oklahoma educator and edtech innovator says of EdReach:

“Amidst the negative barrage of news amplified by mainstream media outlets today, we need EdReach and the educator voices it seeks to amplify- more than ever. Check out the podcast shownotes for more links to follow and subscribe to EdReach. Consider not only becoming an EdReach Network follower, but also a contributor!”

EdReach has already appeared in the Stitcher Top 100 shows for educators, supporting their mission of “taking education forward, by bringing voices together.”

Find the original announcement over at EdReach.

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