Microscope.com Launches Exo Labs Focus Microscope Camera™ for iPad®

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Exo_Labs_LogoEdTech Times had the chance to speak with the great folks behind Exo Labs at the time of their product announcement and when they launched their successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year.   Now Exo Labs has secured a reseller in the microscopy channel to distribute their product to grab the attention of more young scientists out there.

Here is the press release from PRWeb:

Microscope.com and Exo Labs are pleased to announce that Microscope.com has been appointed as the exclusive reseller in the microscopy internet channel for the Exo Labs Focus Microscope Camera, a new tool that seamless connects microscopes to the Apple iPad.

Roanoke, VA (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

The Focus Camera replaces the eyepiece of a microscope and streams the image to the iPad where the Focus App provides a range of compelling functionality and empowers users to work directly with the image. Because the device connects directly to the iPad it offers a superior user experience relative to other products on the market.

Targeted initially at classrooms where Apple’s iPad is quickly becoming a de facto standard, the Focus Camera is also a professional tool for laboratories and industrial inspection. The core benefit for schools is the highly intuitive user-interface. Instant live video, fingertip point-to-point measurements, pinch finger zoom controls, and easy annotations enable students and teachers to engage quickly and easily. Within seconds of downloading the free app from the Apple App Store℠, the Focus Microscope Camera is ready to take pictures or live video and share them instantly. Images can easily be emailed, viewed on an external monitor, or sent to a projector. The Focus Microscope Camera takes microscopy, that in the past has been an isolated experience and turns it into a shared one.

The Focus Microscope Camera includes an integrated C/CS Mount attachment and fits almost all microscopes using included lens adapters. Simply remove an eyepiece from a microscope and insert the Focus Microscope Camera, or attach it to the camera port of a trinocular microscope. To withstand the rigors of classroom use, the Focus Microscope Camera also features a robust and compact design with shock-mounted electronics encased within a rugged aluminum housing and has the added benefit of charging the iPad when plugged in. Weighing just seven ounces and measuring 3.5 inches long, the camera is easy to store. The camera carries a one year warranty.

Beyond the microscope, the camera has an optional varifocal zoom lens that enables operation as a stand-alone macro lens camera. Simply attach the varifocal lens and point the camera at the desired specimen for instant live images of insects, stamps, coins, and other classroom subjects. Or quickly switch back to the micro world.

“The Focus Microscope Camera is a refreshing and welcome addition to our product line-up,” said Charles Crookenden, President of Microscope.com. “It is nothing less than an enabling technology for teachers and we are delighted to see such an elegant and intuitive microscope camera designed and assembled here in the US. It really is a joy to use”.

Michael Baum, President and co-Founder of Exo Labs also commented “We want to ignite curiosity in the next generation of scientists. The Focus Microscope Camera is great for students, teachers, and researchers looking for powerful yet easy to use tools that make the learning experience more compelling and that open up new pathways to discovery and exploration.”

You can order the Focus from http://www.microscope.com or call Microscope.com toll free on telephone no: 877-409-3556.

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