Ten Ed Tech Tools of the 70s, 80s and 90s

This article is cross-posted from edtechtimes.com, where I currently serve as editor-in-chief.

kidslaptopOver at eSchoolNews, they are taking us on a trip down memory lane with these tools that were considered “ed tech” when we were back in school.

Remember these?

  1. Overhead projectors (early 1960s):
  2. Cassette recorders (early ‘70s-late ‘90s):
  3. Floppy disks (Mid ‘70s-early 2000s):
  4. Oregon Trail (V.1- ’74):
  5. Lemonade Stand (V.1- ’79):
  6. Dry-erase boards (Made in the mid-‘70s and popularized in classrooms in the ‘90s):
  7. Reader Rabbit (V.1- ’86):
  8. TI-80 graphing calculator (’95):
  9. Tamagotchi (’96), Giga Pet (’97), and Nano Pet (’97)
  10.  Alta Vista (’98) and Ask Jeeves (’99)

Personally, I think that filmstrips are missing from this list, falling somewhere between that cassette recorder and floppy disks, and full of that “boop-y” goodness that would signal when it was time to turn to the next frame.  Also, never forget the Laserdisk era – best science class movies ever.

Check out the full list with pictures over at eSchool News.

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