Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s Commencement Speech

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twitter-bird-white-on-blueTwitter CEO Dick Costolo’s commencement speech at the University of Michigan this past weekend is catching the eye of the entrepreneurship news-verse, appearing on AVCBusiness Insider, Mashable, Upstart, and even as a business management lesson on Cengage.

Not only is Costolo engaging and personable, but the speech is filled with gems of insight that link his improv comedy roots to the unscripted-ness of startup, education, and every day life.  How often do we plan for specific impact of our lessons or our products, only to find true impact as a result of factors outside your control?

He offers two closing pieces of sage advice for us all (in which quotations do Costolo’s humor no justice):

  • Be bold.  Make courageous choices…what are you afraid of?
  • Don’t always worry about what your next line is supposed to be.  There is no script.

Watch his speech here:


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